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The eurokey


Eurokey is a locking system used throughout Europe, which can be opened with a special universal key. It guarantees accessibility to public facilities with specific room and hygiene requirements for people with a disability, as well as the protection of these facilities.


The eurokey can be used in lifts, stair lifts, toilets, cloakrooms etc. throughout Switzerland, as well as in other European countries.

Its advantages

  • Improved cleanliness and hygiene conditions compared to public facilities
  • Protection from vandalism
  • Use of the facilities independent of opening times

Who is entitled to use a eurokey?

People who are dependent on the use of special facilities (wheelchair users, ostomy wearers, people with a visual disability or a walking disability, and people with chronic incontinency problems)
Eurokeys are given directly to the user and not to institutions, temporary carers etc. Only one key per person is provided.
Tourists may also make use of a key.

How can a eurokey be ordered?

What does a eurokey cost?

The eurokey costs 25 CHF (incl. 8.0 % VAT) respectively 30 CHF (incl. postage and 8.0 % VAT).

Returning the key

The key can be returned to any authorised issuing agency. The purchasing price will not be refunded, except if the use was limited to a maximum of three consecutive months. In this case the key must be returned to the issuing agency where it was purchased. If the key is returned in person the purchasing price will be refunded immediately with the deduction of a handling charge of 5 CHF. If the key is returned by post, including your bank or post account details, the purchasing price will be refunded to your account after deduction of a handling charge of 10 CHF.

Background information

The eurokey concept was created in Germany in 1986 and was introduced to Switzerland in 1996 by the ASKIO organisation (today AGILE).
Pro Infirmis, being the largest Swiss organisation for the disabled, has managed and coordinated the eurokey service since July 2000.


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